Kevin doesn't like when "About Pages" are written in the third-person, so he'll just write his own. 

I first picked up a camera at the age of 12--an old Kodak reflex camera that shot 620 negative film.  I built a darkroom in my basement and immediately I was captivated by the magic that would happen as the images were developing.  I soon began photographing anything and everything I could--or, at least as my meager film budget allowed. Not long thereafter, I obtained a 35mm rangefinder camera, and then later a 35mm SLR camera.  It was then that I became fascinated with capturing and freezing action. 

I continued photographing throughout my life, but as real life often dictates, time, career, family and budget place limits on one's ability to follow their passion.  My interest in photography expanded greatly after we started our family, and our children became interested in sports.  I would be found on the ball diamond or in the cheer gym taking photos of my kids, and then everyone's kids.  

My images started getting noticed, and that led to paid assignments for event organizers.  Later, I shot for weekly newspapers, then daily newspapers, then wire services and magazines. 

Following a successful 31-year career in law enforcement, my wife and I retired to Florida.  Retirement and the gorgeous location of the Sunshine State enabled me to expand my love of photography.

 My images have appeared in: 

•Sports Illustrated 

•Sports Illustrated KIDS 

•ESPN The Magazine 

•Donruss Trading Cards

•Rolling Stone

•The (Baltimore) Sun 

•The (Baltimore) Examiner

•The Washington Post 

•The New York Post 

•The Aegis

•The Record

•The Panama City News Herald 

•The Hawaii Tribune-Herald 

•Countless cheerleading and dance industry publications and advertisements. 

Please take a few moments and browse through the galleries on my site. I'm available for all types of photography.  Contact me for any of your photographic needs. 

Thanks for visiting. Kevin